John vanbiesbrouck

Team: Florida Panthers

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: CCM

Material: Airknit

Tagging: Manfufacture's tag and size fly tag in neck

Year: 1996

Set: SCF

Size: 56G

Patches: 1996 Stanley Cup Finals

Acquired From: Don Strauss of Armadilla Masks, who was given it by Vanbiesbrouck

Photomatched: No

Vezina Trophy Winner: 1986

Description: This beautiful Vanbiesbrouck jersey is the one he wore in the 1996 Stanley cup Finals. It took much negotiation to get, and was probably over paid for, but this is a great jersey. It shows very light wear, as it was only worn for 2 games and was dry cleaned, I believe, afterwards. There is light interior pilling and pilling at the neck and sleeves. In addition, there is light oxidizing in the buttons of the fight strap. The Stanley Cup Finals Patch adorns the right chest and there is a 95-96 Potvin Sports tag in the hem. The namplate appears to be glued and sewn on, it seems to be attached more solidly to the jersey that any other gamer I have.