John vanbiesbrouck

Team: Philadelphia Flyers

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: Nike

Material: Airknit

Tagging: Manfufacture's tag with size, NHL Player tag, Center Ice tag, and care tag in neck

Year: 1998-99

Set: 1

Size: 52G

Patches: None

Acquired From: Milt Byron

Photomatched: Yes

Vezina Trophy Winner: 1986

Description:  This jersey is similar to the home one in that it has the the pilling on the body below the crest, elastic in the sleeves, is size 52G, and has good use. This jersey has small triangular inserts of fabric sewn into the hem on either side. They run about 3 inches up the sides. On the front and to the right of the crest is a huge series of repairs. The initial tear in this area came from opening night of the season, against the Rangers. It was visible all the way from the 400 level seats at the opposite end, where I was perched. Beezer shutout the Rangers, 1-0, just for the record.