John vanbiesbrouck

Team: USA

Style: White Jersey

Manufacturer: CCM

Material: Airknit

Tagging: Manufacturer's tag in neck

Year: 1987

Set: N/A

Size: unknown

Patches: None

Acquired From: Spivack & Kraut

Photomatched: Yes

Vezina Trophy Winner: 1986

Description: This jersey shows good wear for a goalie jersey, especially from an international tournament. The are many puck and stick marks visible on this jersey, though they have faded a bit from washing. This one of my first and favorite jerseys.  The jersey is matched to a hockey card of Beezer wearing this jersey in game action.

Photo Jun 23, 7 07 44 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 23, 7 10 23 AM.jpg
Photo Jun 23, 7 09 51 AM.jpg