Team: Portland Pirates

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: CCM

Material: Ultrafil

Tagging: Manufacturer's care tag and size tag in neck

Year: 1994-95

Set: N/A

Size: 58G

Patches: none

Acquired From: Team letter and Meigray documentation

Photomatched: Yes

Vezina Trophy Winner: 1996

Description: This jersey shows nice wear with good pilling at the neck and on the hem on the glove side, presumably from rubbing his glove against the jersey. Carey started his first pro season with the Portland Pirates and played 55 games, going 30-14-11, before being called up to the Caps for good and winning the Vezina trophy the following year.  The sleeve numbers have been replaced or adjusted by the team, so it appears the jersey may heave been recycled for Carey to use.  The jersey has been photomatched to a couple cards of Carey from that year, where you can see the puck mark on the crest and the evidence of the number change of the 3 on the left sleeve number.