Rogie Vachon

Team: Los Angeles Kings

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: Goodman's & Sons

Material: Durene

Tagging: Manufacturer, care, and size tag in hem

Year: 1972-73

Set: N/A

Size: 50

Patches: none

Acquired From: Splatched

Photomatched: Referenced

Vezina Trophy Winner: 1968

Description: This 1972-73 purple durene Kings jersey shows very nice wear, with several repairs including a large one of the front of the body. The jersey is dated because the Kings seem to have only worn jerseys with square shoulder yokes during this season. There is very nice interior pilling, emphasing that the numbers are original, though they have shrunk more than the jersey which is typical of these jerseys. The jersey has the Goodman's tag in the hem, is a size 50, and has a leather fightstrap. Thank you very much Brad for this great jersey. The jersey appears to match the photos below of Vachon wearing this jersey. The alignments of the parts of the number 3 on his right arm, and the irregular spacing of the white and yellow on that 3 seem to match up, as well as the alignment and stitching of the yellow at the collar.