Kevin Weekes

Team: New York Rangers

Year: 2005-06

Mask Maker: Dillon’s Masks

Painter: Dave Art - Dave Gunnarsson

Acquired From: Meigray

Photomatched: Yes

Description:  This great Rangers mask was worn Weekes in his first season with the Rangers. The great paint job by Dave Gunnarsson, entitled “Panther Morphing” features panthers on the each side and the skyline along the chin. The cage is painted in a gradient from blue to red. The mask features nice wear and matches up to all of the photos posted below. Weekes was an admirable starter, but this season marked the start of the Henrik Lundqvist era.

Photo Dec 26, 6 26 29 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 26, 6 26 48 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 26, 6 28 00 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 26, 6 27 02 AM.jpg
Photo Dec 26, 6 27 18 AM.jpg