Ken Lockett

Team: San Diego Mariners

Style: Home Jersey

Manufacturer: Wilson

Material: Durene

Tagging: Manufacturer’s tag in neck

Year: 1975-76

Set: N/A

Size: 50

Patches: Mariners patch on right shoulder

Acquired From: Another Collector

Photomatched: No

Description: This is a great WHA jersey from a short lived franchise. This jersey is all original except for the lace in the neck. It still has the nameplate on the back and the Mariners patch on the shoulder. From what I can tell, this jersey does not appear to have been used before by the Raiders or Knights as there is no evidence of any previous cresting.  It shows light wear with some puck/stick marks visible and a small (blood?) stain on the front.

The nameplate appears to have been reused as evidence of Gene Peacosh’s name is visible on the back of the nameplate from the inside. Peacosh wore #25, so I don’t believe the nameplate has anything to do with this jersey.