Team: New York Golden Blades

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: Verona Sports

Material: Durene

Tagging: Manufacturer’s tag with size in neck

Year: 1973-74

Set: N/A

Size: N/A

Patches: none

Acquired From: Selby Colson

Photomatched: No

Description: This amazingly rare New York Golden Blades jersey was worn by goalie Jim McLeod during the franchises only season in existence. The Golden Blades played in Madison Square Garden and attempted, remarkably unsuccessfully, to take some market share from the NY Rangers. These purple, white and gold jerseys are beautiful, a this jersey shows nice wear with many repairs and pilling. The Golden Blades jerseys were handed down to a men’s league team after team folded and moved to San Diego after the season. Other than a handful of jerseys that remain intact, the names were removed from the back. This jersey was acquired from dealer Selby Colson and was sourced from the owner of Verona Sports, the manufacturer of the jerseys

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