Team: Alberta Oilers

Year: 1972-73, 1974-75

Set: 72-73 1st Set, 74-75 Preseason

Size: verify

Style: Home Jersey

Manufacturer: General Athletic

Material: Durene

Tagging: verify

Patches: None

Acquired From: another collector, Meigray Vintage LOA

Photomatched: Yes

Vezina Trophy Winner: 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1969


Description: This great jersey was used by Jack Norris during the inaugural season of the WHA. The jersey shows nice wear, with evidence of blood stains on the hem. There is a nice long repair on the stomach. ALBERTA in screened on a nameplate that is sewn onto the jersey.  There is a repair under the nameplate seen from the inside, as evidence that there was a nameplate that was removed and then reattached.  The angled cut of the top of the 3 on the shoulder appears to match the game photo on Norris wearing the jersey, but the game photo does not appear to have a nameplate. Norris played 64 games this year and was selected to play in the WHA all-star game.

The jersey is also matched to a picture of Jacques Plante wearing it before the 1974-75 season.  The photo is matched to the many details in the chain stitched crest.  I don't know if Plante ever wore this in a preseason game or just for staged photos.  The white Plante jersey that matches this exists as well but features a Plante nameplate, though that jersey has not been photo matched.

Overall this in an amazing WHA jersey that was worn in their inaugural season and then again by a 7 time Vezina winning HOF goalie.

Plante Oilers.jpg