guy hebert

Team: Anaheim Mighty Ducks / NY Rangers

Year: 1998-2001

Mask Maker: Ed Cubberly

Painter: Ed Cubberly

Acquired From: Classic Auctions

Photomatched: Yes

Description:  This iconic Ducks mask was worn by Guy Hebert for the second half of the 1998-99 season, during the 1999-2000 season, and 2000-01 and is photomatched to many games from those year with the Ducks, most notably the chip on the chin. IN March of 2001, Guy Hebert is picked up by the Rangers off of waivers and I believe this is the mask he uses then. I believe Rangers equipment manager Cass Marquez covers this mask in blue tape and adds some Rangers stickers until Hebert gets a new mask. I think that the paint peels off the forehead when the tape is removed. I was in the Rangers training facility in Rye early the following season and this mask was on the shelf in Cass's office, leading my to believe that this is indeed that mask.

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