Team: Cleveland Crusaders

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: Rawlings

Material: Durene

Tagging: Manufacturer’s tag and care tag in neck

Year: 1972-73

Set: N/A

Size: 50

Patches: none

Acquired From: Brad Moore, Meigray registered

Photomatched: Referenced

Description: This fantastic first-year Crusaders jersey shows nice wear, with a repair on the right sleeve and one on the front body. There are also matching repairs by the neck to fix the lace holes of the tie down neck. There are some small blood (?) stains one the white of the shoulders and faded puck marks visible on the numbers. I believe this is from the 1972-73 season based on the style of the Rawlings tag, but I am still researching this, any information would be helpful. It is registered with Meigray. I showed this jersey to Cheevers during the 2005 NE expo and he said it was his jersey and that he actually helped design the crest. He pointed out that on the design on the shield is actually hockey sticks and a puck, which he designed.

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