Dave dryden

Team: Chicago Cougars

Year: 1974-75

Mask Maker: Dave Dryden

Painter: Bob Pelkowski, according to "Hockey Masks and the Great Goalies Who Wear Them"

Acquired From: Lelands

Photomatched: Yes

Description:  Dave Dryden wore this awesome mask during the 74-75 season with the Chicago Cougars of the WHA.  The mask has an amazing paint job and has been preserved in good condition.  This mask came from the December 2004 Leland's auction and here is their description: Dave Dryden's well-worn handcrafted fiberglass goalie mask from his season in Chicago with the Cougars. Striking cat face design tells the tale of flying pucks and action in the crease. This mask shows great wear with a few chips in the finish and a small area where the fiberglass has cracked. Ancient interior padding is intact and all the straps and backplate are there. Dave was the number one netminder in Chicago in 1974-75 and played in 45 games. These hand painted masks from the Seventies are extremely difficult to obtain and are highly sought after by collectors. From the personal collection of former Cougars trainer Ira Wilkes with his signed Letter of Provenance. We will also include a photograph showing Dryden wearing this exact mask in game action with the Cougars. 

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