Curt ridley

Team: New York Rangers / Vancouver Canucks

Year: 1973-76

Mask Maker: Ernie Higgins

Painter: N/A

Acquired From: Curt Ridley, with help from Frank Servello, Kings of the Ice

Photomatched: Referenced

Description:  This is a great Higgins mask that was worn by Curt Ridley for several seasons including his first NHL game that he played with the Rangers, which was brutal lost to the mighty Bruins. Curt bounced back with a 2-1 victory over the Kansas City Scouts, before being traded to the Atlanta Flames. I believe that the Canucks photo of Ridley in this mask is from the 1975-76 season when he played 9 games for Vancouver. He obviously wore the mask in the minors as well, as shown in the Providence Reds picture. The mask shows great wear, with many marks on the front. The original padding still resides inside, though the straps are no longer with the mask. The nose and chin show evidence of fiberglass repair dating back to it's original usage. This great mask came directly from Curt, with a helpful introduction by Frank Servello. Thanks to the vintage goalie mask board for some help with the photos.

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