Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Style: St. Pats Jersey

Manufacturer: CCM

Material: Airknit

Tagging: Manufacture's tag and size fly tag in neck; care tag in hem

Year: 2001-02

Set: N/A

Size: 58G

Patches: none

Acquired From: Hockey Gamers; Meigray and Team Letter

Photomatched: No

Description: This jersey shows very light wear as the Leafs only wore these for one special game on 3/2/2002 against the Sabres to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the teams founding as the St. Pats.  The team wore two sets of jersey in this games, one of which was kept by the players and one set was distributed by Meigray. Schwab played the entire game, making 25 saves in a 3-3 tie.