John vanbiesbrouck

Team: New York Rangers

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: CCM

Material: Mesh

Tagging: Manufacture's tag and Cosby's tag in the neck; Crosby;s stamp on hem

Year: 1987-88

Set: N/A

Size: 58

Patches: None

Acquired From: Spivack & Kraut

Photomatched: No

Vezina Trophy Winner: 1986

Description: Nice early Vanbiesbrouck jersey shows light wear with evidence of much washing.  The fight strap has some salt corrosion from sweat and the there is some post paint on the left elbow.  This jersey is from a set that I believe older jersey stock was used with the arched name sewn on back.  There are a few of these in the hobby and I'd like to gather more information.