Chris osgood

Team: Detroit Red Wings

Style: Heritage Jersey

Manufacturer: Reebok

Material: Airknit

Tagging: Manufacturer tag and size tag in neck; set tag and lettering company’s tag in hem.

Year: 2008-09

Set: Heritage

Size: 58G

Patches: none

Acquired From: another collector; Hockeytown letter

Photomatched: Yes

Description: This set of Red Wings heritage jerseys, the same as their Winter Classic jerseys, was worn on 4/11/2009 in the final home game of the season against the Blackhawks. It is tagged in the hem as such. This Osgood jersey is photo matched to warmups as seem in the photo above. Conklin played in this game. On either side of this jersey a couple inches of fabric have been added to make it a wider. I love these Heritage jerseys, great style.

This image is from pregame warm ups and is from the  Flickr site of jpowers65

This image is from pregame warm ups and is from the Flickr site of jpowers65

5.11.2009 Osgood.jpg
5.11.2009 Osgood1.jpg