Glenn ‘chico’ resch

Team: Colorado Rockies

Style: Road Jersey

Manufacturer: Rawlings

Material: Mesh

Tagging: Manufacturer tag in neck

Year: 1980-81

Set: 2

Size: 52

Patches: none

Acquired From: Another Collector

Photomatched: No

Description:  This Resch is from his late season stint with the Rockies in the spring of 1981 (he played in 10 games). There is nice wear with one sleeve having a custom extension. There are several repairs on the sleeve and body. The style of the number 1 doesn't have the foot on the bottom (you can see Hardy Astrom wearing this jersey on Getty Images) and I have a Leafs/Hawks game from 10-10-81 that shows Resch wearing this jersey in a Coach's Corner (Howie Meeker) session between the 1st and 2nd period. It may have been recycled from Astrom to Resch (the jersey originally came from Brad Tweeten and he thought that it might have been recycled). The last picture is a photo of Astrom wearing what I believe to be this jersey. Raifie Bass was really helpful in showing me another photomatched Rockies jersey with this number style.